Dghajsa tal-pass

The boats we use are known as “Dghajsa tal Pass”. They are traditional Maltese boats, dating back to the Phoenecian times. In the past the "Dghajsa tal-pass" was primarily used as a water taxi. During the 19th Century, transportation was very limited, and the Maltese dghajsa was used to transport people from one place to another within the Grand Harbour. When the British took over the governance of Malta, establishing dockyard facilities in the Grand Harbour, the importance of the dghajsa continued to increase. The docks increased employment and as such attracted a large number of the Maltese population to the harbour area. Numerous people required transportation to their work place on a daily basis, and as such the Maltese dghajsa was used to transport passengers around the Harbour and to Sliema. As times changed, the need for water taxis was reduced, and the Maltese dghajsa moved on from being a water taxi to a tourist attraction. Tourists from all over the world now come to take a ride around the Grand Harbour in these beautiful boats. The dghajsa is an important part of the Maltese culture, having been featured as one of our national symbols on the national coat of arms during the period between 1975 and 1988. Unfortunately, as times change, the number of traditional Maltese dghajjes is fast dwindling. Our boats men do their very best to upkeep the boats and uphold their beauty. However, maintaining the prestige of the dghajsa requires hard-work, dedication and a substantial amount of money. Help from the authorities is required, if these boats are to be kept alive for more years to come. More can be read on this in the following article, interviewing one of our own boats men Joseph Abela article.

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