Alfred Abela (Junior)

Alfred is the current president of the Ko-operattiva tal-Barklora in Malta. Restoring old Maltese boats to their former glory, and instilling the beauty they maintained back in the 1850’s is his life’s passion.

Alfred Abela (Senior)

Alfred has been working as a boatsman for the past 63 years and is one of the co-founders of the Ko-operattiva. He strongly believes that a fight to maintain the presence of the Maltese dghajsa, is a fight to preserve an integral part of Maltese History.

Walter Ahar

Walter is a dedicated, charismatic boatsman whose love for the Maltese dghajsa and the history that encompasses the Maltese harbour, is immediately felt by anyone who has the opportunity to be a passenger on his boat. He is also one of the co-founders of the Ko-operattiva tal-Barklora.

Frankie Ahar

Frankie, son of Walter, is the current secretary of the Ko-operattiva tal-Barklora. He strongly believes in the importance of keeping the traditional Maltese dghajsa alive, and commits a large chunk of his time and resources in keeping his boats in the pristine condition he truly believes they deserve.

Joseph Abela

Joseph, best known to his father and brother Alfred (Senior) and Alfred (Junior) as Joe, is the owner of three traditional Maltese boats. He dedicates most of his time to refurbishing and maintaining the boats’ historical beauty, having managed to sustain the existence of the oldest traditional dghajsa in Malta.


Victor has been an established boatsman for many years. However, surpassing his ability to manage a boat, is his ability to design and customize the detailed drawings observed on the boats, that make the Maltese dghajsa so unique.

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